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My Husband, Jimmie Rodgers was the first book-length biography ever published about a country musician, and fittingly so. No single performer left as profound an impression on early country music. Songs that Rodgers performed—“T for Texas,” “Daddy and Home,” “In the Jailhouse Now,” “Miss the Mississippi”—are still a regular part of country performer’s repertoires. Despite a recording career that lasted only six years (1927-1933) and ended with Rogers’s untimely death from tuberculosis, in many ways Jimmie Rodgers is still very much with us.

Carrie Rodgers was married to Jimmie Rodgers from 1920 until his death in 1933. Nolan Porterfield (1936-2020) was a professor of English and writer-in-residence at Southeast Missouri State University. He is the author of Jimmie Rodgers: The Life and Times of America’s Blue Yodeler (University of Illinois Press). 

Author: Carrie Rodgers

Introduction by Nolan Porterfield

Paperback, 263 pages.

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