The Bristol Sessions 2-CD Set

The Bristol Sessions 2-CD Set

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In the summer of 1927, Ralph Peer, under the employ of the Victor Talking Machine Company, set up a temporary recording studio in the mountain city of Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia, and put out a call to the regions musicians. Among the acts discovered in those two weeks were three future Country Music Hall of Fame acts the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, and Ernest V. Stoneman. All three are represented here, along with more than a dozen other pioneers of old-time music. Thirty-five tracks in all. Volumes have been written on Rodgers and the Carter Family alone. Suffice to say this is as pure as the genre gets. Every music lover should own this aural snapshot of country's starting line.

1987 Grammy Award nomination, Best Historical Album.

1987 Grammy Award nomination, Best Album Notes.

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